the years fall like dead leaves around my feet
collect like flower petals and dandelion spores
dirt and dust, forgotten and beautiful

collect like a legacy, a nothingness
existence floating on a cloud, water vapor
here and nowhere, visceral and forgotten

nothing more than the light
filtering through the trees
full as the ocean
mighty as the ant

life shoots from my fingertips
lasers breaching ever further
into the darkness, eternal
and it sputters, fleeting
inside of me
no more
than a seconds flash, a spark
that dies, its absence
announcing the darkness

I am a goddess
I am a salamander
I am a lone blade of grass
battered in the wind

I am my mother
I am your mother
I am the world

We are nothing but each other
I am nothing without you
we are darkness
we are alone
we are forever

Kate Hallinan

Writer, lawyer, activist, baker, mother, Californian, outraged citizen of the world.

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