the years fall like dead leaves around my feet
collect like flower petals and dandelion spores
dirt and dust, forgotten and beautiful

collect like a legacy, a nothingness
existence floating on a cloud, water vapor
here and nowhere, visceral and forgotten

nothing more than the light
filtering through the trees
full as the ocean
mighty as the ant

life shoots from my fingertips
lasers breaching ever further
into the darkness, eternal
and it sputters, fleeting
inside of me
no more
than a seconds flash, a spark
that dies, its absence
announcing the darkness

I am a goddess
I am a salamander
I am a lone blade of grass
battered in the wind

I am my mother
I am your mother
I am the world

We are nothing but each other
I am nothing without you
we are darkness
we are alone
we are forever

Photo by Alli Hartmann on Unsplash

Every morning, I check the
vegetables growing in
our shaggy garden.

I pull aside the yellowed
cucumber leaves
their spines leaving silent
traces on my fingers
delicate pain.

I caress the bumpy smoothness
of the baby cucumbers,
I squint at the mold spots on
the tomatoes
unsure what to do?

Photo by USGS on Unsplash

Our despair is so great
we must invent
a new language
of grief.
Devise new words
for the loss
of our entire world.

How does one mourn a glacier?
Where does one hold a funeral for a coral reef? …

With impeachment proceedings beginning and a new scandal every day, it is easy to feel that Trump’s days are numbered. But there are many signs that, like that weird rash you got in college, Trump might not be so easy to get rid of. Here are a few of…

Why Bernie Supporters Don’t Care He’s a Grumpy Old Man With a Heart Condition

Because we aren’t voting to pick the greatest overall human specimen. The objective or subjective merit or physical health of the president is ultimately irrelevant. …

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Isn’t a Long Shot, It’s a Hail Mary.

Photo by William Bossen on Unsplash

“It is rarely acknowledged that capitalism itself might be the problem.” Chris Williams, Ecology and Socialism.

Tackling the existential threat of climate change will require the reworking of nearly every aspect of American society. We must move towards zero emissions, and we must do so now. But to even begin…

Joe and Kamala’s underwhelming performances at the second democratic debate revealed an important fact: neither of them are particularly well-equipped to take down Trump. Contrasted with the one-two punch of Bernie and Elizabeth from the night before when the two progressive frontrunners electrified our small screens with their big ideas…

They’re called prisons and jails and they are in every city, county, and state in our union.

source: babawawa, via pixabay (CC0)

When I worked as a criminal defense attorney, I referred to the criminal courtroom as the gates of hell. Here was a place that swallowed men whole. People entered it, sometimes as free men, and left in chains, perhaps never to be seen again. I thought of this when I…

Kate Hallinan

Writer, lawyer, activist, baker, mother, Californian, outraged citizen of the world.

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